How does our Hay Day Online Hack Work ?

Frequently Asked Questions

1 Will I get banned for using the Hay Day hack?

No! We've implemented a ban prevention system into the hack so receiving a ban or becoming penalized in Hay Day will not happen.

2 How long does it take for the coins and diamonds to be added to my account?

On normal days it takes between 10 to 15 seconds for the coins and diamonds to be added onto the account. When servers are slow, it may take up to a minute.

3 Will I need to be jailbroken ?

You will not need to be jailbroken! Everything is happening on the server and does not affect you.

4 Can I run the Hay Day hack several times ?

Yes! Once you activate it, you are free to use the cheats as many times as you wish on all the accounts you have.

5 Why do I have to finish a survey to get the Hay Day hack ?

We've put a small survey to help keep away leechers. This way, we'll be able to keep Hay Day hacker free of charge.

6 Does the hack have a virus ?

We pride ourselves in having virus free cheats and hacks and we can give you any virus becasue is online and we don't ever ask for you'r password